Written by Cas, or Cassie if I’m feeling rather generous…

I’m 25.

Popped out and dragged up in Essex, where I still live (I know, I know).

I pull lots of stupid faces.

Obviously I like tea. And cats. And chocolate. And leopard print. I read a lot.

Anything deeper than that, I can’t quite remember frankly. I couldn’t tell you when I last listened to a CD without nursery rhymes or watched a film without a CGI animal as the protagonist.

I wear ridiculous thick rimmed glasses, cos I had a bit of a moment in Specsavers and thought I looked 17 again in them. But I actually need ’em. I’ll find my prescription if you don’t flipping believe me!

SAHM to my little boy, Bean (not his real name obvs, that’d be crazy). He is 3 years old, utterly gorgeous and an epic pain in the arse – terrible twos? Seriously? Terrible TWOS?! This is blatant false advertising, I want my money back please or I’m writing Trading pissing Standards a very snotty letter.

Carer to my other half, Rob (you can read about it here )

I’m afraid I can’t cook and baking brings me out in a rash so I shan’t torture you with how-tos or tips. I’m not gonna be able to tell you how to get your kid to sleep through the night, or eat their broccoli – that’s what google’s for ain’t it?

On a serious note *dons serious glasses* I’ve been struggling with depression since I was 11 years old (yeah, really), I’ve had many ups and many, many downs. I’ve been on anti-depressants for 4 years and I’m hoping writing about all this crap that floats around my grey matter will help somewhat.



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